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Recognizing & Healing Our Prejudice, Discrimination & Racism BlindSpots

This workshop will teach the impact of racism, prejudice and discrimination in our nation, community, at work and home. As Racism is a broad topic, this class will focus on the first step – self-awareness. Within a safe environment, participants will be encouraged to discover their own racial unconscious and conscious bias. During this highly interactive workshop, participants will become aware of the impact of power structures and privilege that hinder social equity.  Rhonda will provide an opportunity to reflect, discuss, and share ideas on how to uproot systemic racism. This intensive process will prepare participants    to focus on healing and meaningful action to resolve and address the consequences of racism.

Workplace Respect:  HR's imagined outcome

How we view diversity has changed.  HR or leaders wearing an HR hat can no longer view diversity and inclusion defensively or strategically, it must applied practically.  Rhonda shares how to address blurred visions and perspectives in the work environment.  She will also provide various face-to-face, written and online communication techniques void of subtleties and personal biases for your team to have the outcome they've imagined for decades.  Simply put: workplace respect. 

Soft Skills Training: How to stay sane and maintain productivity in the midst of a changing workforce 

A dynamic vision comes with great responsibilities, which cannot be accomplished by the visionary alone!  Therefore, what do visionaries need?  A great (not good!) team and partners! How do you achieve this? By staying sane! In this workshop, Rhonda shares how utilizing strong soft skills (communication, professionalism, interviewing, emotional intelligence, time management, supervision and management, etc.) to build an alliance of partners, warriors that take extreme ownership to confidently execute their responsibilities with the utmost character and integrity! After implementing skills from this training, you and your team will never look at people and profits the same!

Pardon My Language! Closing the communication gap for visionaries

Visionaries have a Cultural Language™ in their head that their team of partners do not speak.  As a communication strategist, Rhonda will share practical techniques and strategies that will help take the language out of your head and translate what you want to see into a dialect for your team to execute.

People First, Profit Follows!  Multi-generations communicating effectively in a semi-virtual environment

Generational tensions do not go away in this new semi-virtual world.  In fact, more than twice as many millennials agree with the statement “sometimes it is difficult to work virtually with other generations” as compared to Boomers and GenXers. How do we bridge communication gaps in this new semi-virtual environment?

**All topics are transferrable as a live keynote or virtual webinar session customizable to your event

Signature Speaking Topics

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