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coach. communicator. connector.

A leading HR industry expert, Rhonda provides practical, people and profitability oriented insights which helps service leaders retain and protect top performers. She utilizes forensic HR consulting strategies to get a clear picture of what is draining the time, energy, and profits of service leaders.  

With a perfect fusion of communication and HR strategies, Rhonda helps minimize frustrations and identify the constant 'time bullies' disrupting your business and peace of mind. She provides practical strategies to grow people, operations and profits, so  leaders reach their desired level of freedom.    

​Communication is key.
​You cannot expect what you don't communicate.



Rhonda has an engaging style that provokes and educates simultaneously. She shares expert HR strategies, retention tactics and workforce tactics and trends. In her thought provoking and fun sessions and keynotes, she has a contagious energy that will enhance the participants learning experience.


Rhonda also conducts training courses for service leaders that provides methods on how to effectively build, develop and execute holistic business strategies. Using humorous and compelling anecdotes, Rhonda is a master at igniting the desire in others to openly communicate and interact, while learning innovative and easy to implement workplace initiatives.




As an author and podcaster, Rhonda has positioned herself as a leading authority in the service industry.  She is the author of Br8k Free Strategies For Your Career which helps those wearing the hr hat in their business identify barriers hindering their team’s performance, so they can eliminate costly hr and communication mistakes. 




Rhonda has over two decades human resources and entrepreneurship experience. She provides leadership support to lead and inspire business leaders through a deep understanding of their team dynamics and situations.  Rhonda is the CEO & Managing Partner of a full service people relations firm that specializes in developing practical, yet innovative holistic business solutions. She provides leadership support to help business leaders remove pain points, which results in team retention and helps you further your career, increase your income, and give you the freedom you deserve.  


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