Rhonda is the CEO of a full service People Relations Firm that specializes strategies that help you breakthrough to practical, yet innovative, communication and profit centered solutions.  She uses methods that intersect effective communication with her HR expertise to right size your workforce, create stronger customer bonds and promote growth.  Rhonda is equipped to help you assess your gaps and develop communication, performance and efficient work flow solutions. She enlists a 4-phase system in assisting her clients by assessing their needs while providing HR team support throughout the process.

What She Does:  

  • Planning: Merge teams & acquire partners to right size your workforce. 


  • People: Provide tools to help multi-generations communicate effectively in the workplace.


  • Performance: Develop teams and partnerships to execute efficiency and productivity.


  • Profits: Facilitate Key Person Wellness programs to build retention, ROI and revenue. We're equipped to help you minimize your frustrations and maximize your time by assisting you in bringing an end to the 'noise' that disrupts your business.  

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